Since you clicked the about me page, I’m guessing you’d like to know a little about the gal behind the words.


Well I’m a slightly (okay.. maybe a bit more than slightly) introverted wife and mother. I’ve been a homeschool teacher for little over 8 years. Before we stared homeschooling I was a dog trainer/rescuer, and an office assistant.

I’m a huge book collector, and a good place to find me is buried in the back of a used book store hunting for a good read.

When we aren’t studying schoolbooks, I’m usually drawing, sewing or writing. That is until the Wisconsin winters finally go away and we can then spend the days on the beach during our school holiday.

Thanks for reading this very small glimpse into my life. We as people are made up of so many different things, cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, and hobbies that it would be very hard to really get to know someone in a small post.